02-10-2016 Agenda - Faculty Senate Meeting


Faculty Senate Meeting

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Time 8:15-9:45 AM

Location: Library Fischbach Room

1.       Welcome from the President.

2.       Approval of the Minutes: December 8, 2015

3.       Old Business/Review of Action Items from 12/8/15 meeting.

a. Vice-Provost Linda Schadler – Update on Summer Arch.

b. Prof. Diana Borca-Tasciuc – Update on Institute Core Curriculum Implementation Committee.

c. Prof. Maniatty – Update on sub-committee to survey and organize faculty discussion regarding Summer Arch.

d. Prof. Maniatty – Update on sub-committee to look into creating an Ombuds Office for Faculty and possibly academic staff.

e. Prof. Borca-Tasciuc and Prof. Lewis – Feedback on current practices at Rensselaer to assess teaching effectiveness.

f. Planning and resources committee update.

g. Provost – updates on Handbook, Middle States, graduate stipend.

4.       New business.

a. Faculty Senate representative at Student Senate meetings, first Wednesday of each month, 7pm in Shellnut Gallery of the Union. Prof. Tichy attended Feb. 3 (report from Prof. Tichy).  Volunteer for March 2.

b. Process to produce Memorial Booklet for Faculty who passed away in 2015.  Faculty Staff Memorial Service scheduled for Wednesday, March 30, 11am-12:30pm at the C+CC.

        c. Other new business.