04-06-2012 Faculty Senate Agenda


Faculty Senate Meeting

Date: April 6, 2012

Time: 2:00-3:30

Location:  Fischbach room at Folsom Library


  1.     Approve the minutes from March 21st Senate meeting.

  2.     Statement of the general directions by the President of the Senate.

  3.     Discussion of the Senate priorities based on the input from the General Faculty meeting

(a)   Comparative evaluation of curriculum and teaching methodologies including interdisciplinarity and globalization

(b)  Analysis of the graduate program

(c)   Faculty development and retention

(d)  Review of the Faculty Handbook

(e)   Assessment of the staff support

(f)   Other issues

    4. New business


Dear Faculty Senate members:

We hope to use the next two meeting of the Faculty Senate (4/6 @ 2pm & 4/11 @ 2pm) to set a proper course for the Senate. While all details of execution will remain with the Senate as a whole, it is the uniform opinion of the Senate Executive Committee that our best course lies with choosing 2-3 significant projects that the Senate can undertake with an eye towards making will make a positive contribution to our institution.

We hope to do so based on the suggestions collected during the 3/28 General Faculty meeting, and through ideas contributed by all members of the Senate including its Executive Committee.  In preparation for Friday’s meeting, we therefore would like to ask everyone to prepare the following:

  • Come up with a list of what you consider to be the 2-3 most important “issues” facing Rensselaer (issues that the Senate can effectively consider).
  • Your own ideas for “significant projects” for the Senate to undertake, probably through a committee or taskforce dedicated to the specific project.

There are no doubt other issues and items for consideration that we could act on more quickly through Senate discussion (e.g. the desire for a printed directory), which could be made into a recommendation to the Provost through a vote on the Senate floor.  Please feel free to bring your thoughts about such items as well, which we will address under “new business” as time allows.

Please find enclosed the meeting agenda and the minutes of the last Senate meeting.

Best wishes,

The Senate Executive Committee