05-07-2014 Faculty Senate Minutes

Faculty Senate

Meeting Minutes

May 7, 2014



Lester Gerhardt, Jose Holguin-Veras, Prabhat Hajela-Provost, Isom Herron, Lois Peters, Chip Kilduff, Vincent Meunier, Frank Wright, Jeanne Keefe, Antoinette Maniatty,  Georges Belfort, Chang Ryu, Hao Zhou, Joyce McLaughlin.

Next meeting:    September 24, 2014; 8:15-9:45am; Library Fischbach Room


1) Welcome by the President – Jose Holguin-Veras

Meeting opens at 3:12pm. Professor Holguin-Veras welcomes the group.   


2) Approval of the Minutes – March 19, 2014


Correction to a misspelling of Stan and correct spelling of Herron. Professor Wright motions, Professor Belfort seconds. All in favor. So moved.


3) Elections

Professor Gerhardt spoke.   The Faculty Senate is indebted to the people who serve.  The elections will start on Monday May 12 and end on Tuesday May 13 at noon.  There will be an announcement in the Morning Mail as well.  Jeanne Keefe announced that she is stepping down as the representative for Librarians/Archivists and Jen Monger from Archives will be her replacement. 


4) Review Action Items

1)     Professor Herron will invite Joyce McLaughlin to the next Executive Faculty Senate meeting.

Status: Professor McLaughlin is present at this meeting.


2)     Professor Peters will follow-up with the school Deans to have the EC invited to their departmental meetings to provide a report on Senate activities.


Status: They have met with HASS & Lally.  Architecture will have their next meeting in the Fall so they will attend that one.  Still have yet to hear back from Science and Engineering.

Action Item:  Professor Peters will follow-up with the Dean’s from Science and Engineering.  


3)     Professor Peters will continue to work with Cindy Novak to schedule times for the Provost to review the proposed changes to the Faculty handbook.


Status: Completed.  The first meeting lasted 2.5 hours with more this summer.  This will likely take the whole summer to review based on the first meeting. 


4)     Professor Peters will compile a master list of Faculty Development forum topics for Spring to send to Senate members for their input. Afterward, send to Professor Holguin-Veras.


Status: Completed. Professor Peters would like to send to faculty to get a vote on what they would be most interested in.  It was suggested by the Provost to contact Mike Kalsher regarding getting a survey.

Action Item:  Professor Peters will contact Mike Kalsher.


5)     Professor Chari will send note to school Deans and Department heads asking them for their department best practices.


Status: Professor Chari sent his report (a separate document) and it was read aloud. Summary: The amount of awards differs between schools/disciplines.  MANE and Computer Science have a committee in place that manage these.  We have to do a better job of being proactive at promoting our faculty peers.


6)     Professor Peters will work on setting up the Blended Learning Forum.


Status: Completed. The next one is scheduled for Friday May 9th at the Biotech Auditorium from 9-11am and will cover using technologies for innovative delivery.  Professor Holguin-Veras asked if there can be a microphone there so it can be recorded for those that cannot attend. 

Action Item:  Professor Peters will find out if the Blended Learning Seminar for May 9, 2014 can be recorded.


7)     Jeanne Keefe will send the EC details on what services/forums they currently work on it the Library Services group.


Status: She reported that you can contact the Director, Bob Mayo, and request a class be scheduled if it is needed (discipline specific).  This may take some lead time so plan ahead.   


8)     Professor Peters will send the list of proposed Faculty Development initiatives to Professor Herron.


Status: Completed.


5) Standing Committee Reports – skipped because of meeting time constraints

a. Curriculum: 15 meetings were held this academic year. They reviewed 137 new courses, deleted 5. 

b. Promotion and Tenure: The committee reviewed 11 cases:

4 Associate Professors with tenure, 1 Tenure, 4 Full Professors, 2 Full Professors with tenure.

c. Planning and Resources: Several Meetings were held with the Provost but no report yet available.

d. Faculty Committee on Honors: This was covered above.


6) Faculty Development, Retention and Cross Campus Collaborations

Professor Holguin-Veras spoke.  He thanked the Provost for his efforts in working with the Senate and the Provost stated that he has enjoyed working with the group this year.  We are looking forward to continued collaboration with the various groups to accomplish shared goals.  This recipe for success requires trust, vision and practice.


7) Priorities for New Senate

Professor Holguin-Veras asked the group for ideas in a brainstorming fashion.  The outcome of that discussion is listed below:

1)     Faculty Development - To make it ‘real’, engage faculty by identifying anecdotal stories from faculty on how it has improved their lives.

2)     Handbook – The handbook is a vehicle that can be used to engage the faculty to get more involved.

3)     Committee on Honors: To engage faculty to promote each other and therefore extend their reach not only in our ‘world’, but into the global world.


Professor Holguin-Veras went on to thank everyone who served and also to those who have completed their term. The senate thanked Professor Holguin-Veras for all his hard work, dedication and his ‘constancy of purpose’. 


Action Items Summary

1)     ACTION ITEM:  Professor Peters will follow-up with the Dean’s from Science and Engineering to have the EC invited to their departmental meetings.


2)     ACTION ITEM:  Professor Peters will contact Mike Kalsher regarding a survey to the Faculty for Development Topics.


3)     ACTION ITEM:    Professor Peters will try and get the Blended Learning Seminar for May 9, 2014 recorded.


Professor Wright motions to adjourn. Seconded by Professor Belfort.  All in favor. So moved.  Adjourned at 4:35pm.