09-09-2015 Faculty Senate Agenda

Draft Agenda

Faculty Senate Meeting Wednesday September 9, 2015

Time 8:15-9:45 AM

Location: Sage 5711

1.       Welcome from the President.

2.       Approval of the Minutes, April 6, 2015 (General Faculty Meeting), May 13, 2015 (Faculty Senate Meeting).

3.       Welcome new members.

4.       Appointments.

a. Chair of the Faculty replacement

b. Faculty Committee on Honors

c. Committee on Academic Standing

d. Task Force on Academic Advising

5.       Old Business/Review of Action Items from 5/13/15 meeting.

        a. Maniatty – Faculty Handbook update

        b. Provost and Vice-Provost Dunn – actions on Digital Measures evaluations of TA’s

c. Akera – follow-up with Provost on Biographies and Eulogies policy to ensure carried out within the schools

6.       New business.

        a. Summer Arch Initiative

        b. Forum on Revenue Generation and Cost Containment

7.       Action Items Summary.