09-14-2016 Agenda - Faculty Senate Meeting


Faculty Senate Meeting Wednesday 14 Sept 2016

Time 8:15-9:45 AM

Location: Fischbach Room, Folsom Library

1.       Welcome from the FS President

2.       Welcome from the Provost

3.       Approval of the Minutes of FS Meeting of 12 May 2016

4.       Introduce members, welcome new members.

5.       Approve new Committee Appointments (Honors – N Koratkar, Standing – S Lawson)

6.       Report on visit to Student Senate (A Akera)

7.       Old Business

        a. Faculty Handbook update (A Maniatty)

             b. Committee Report – Academic Advising Task Force (R Radke)

8.       New business.

        a. Summer Arch Review Committee (J Durgee)

        b. Office of Graduate Education Survey (A Maniatty)

        c. Proposal for Ombuds Office, next steps (J Tichy)

9.       Action Items Summary.