11-11-2015 Agenda - Faculty Senate Meeting



Faculty Senate Meeting Wednesday November 11, 2015 Time 8:15-­‐9:45 AM

Location: Sage 5711


1.       Welcome from the President.


2.       Approval of the Minutes: September 9, 2015 (Faculty Senate Meeting), October 28, 2015 (General Faculty Meeting), November 3, 2015 (Faculty Handbook General Faculty Meeting).

3.       Old Business/Review of Action Items from 9/9/15 meeting.


a.  Chris Bystroff -­‐  Faculty  Senate  representative  for School of Science: Joel Giedt has accepted nomination,  special  election   planned.

b.  Appointments:


(i)  Task Force on Academic Advising appointment: Professor Rich Radke has agreed to do this.


(ii)   Profs.  Haskins  and  Bennett  -­‐  Faculty  Committee  on  Honors:  HASS  candidate.


c.  Prof. Peters and Vice-­‐Provost Dunn -­‐  Digital Measure for TA’s update.


d. Prof. Akera and Provost -­‐  Biographies and Eulogies policy, memo to ensure carried out within the  schools.

e.  Profs. Akera and Maniatty – Planning and Resources plans to involve Faculty in generating ideas for Revenue Generation and Improving Efficiency (Reducing Costs).

f.  Prof. Maniatty – Summer Arch discussion.


g.   Prof. Maniatty – Faculty Handbook update and discussion.


4.       New business.


a.  Faculty Senate representative at Student Senate meetings, first Tuesday of each month, 7pm in Shellnut Gallery of the Union. Prof. Hirsa attended Nov. 3, Prof. Akera will attend Dec. 1.

b. Promotion and Tenure Committee: HASS representative Michael Century stepping down next semester; special election in HASS to replace.

c.  Ombudsman


d.  Conflict of Interest Commitment Report


e.   Other new business


5.       Action Items Summary.