Faculty Senate Communications v1 n3 (September 2012)

v1, n3 – September 2012

Isom Herron, President | José Holguín–Veras, Vice President | Les Gerhardt, Chair of Faculty | Pawel Keblinski, Recording Secretary | Chip Kilduff, Secretary | Atsushi Akera, Secretary of Faculty

8 September 2012

To the Rensselaer Faculty and Rensselaer Community,

Summer break is now behind us and our newest students are here on campus. With the beginning of classes, this also signals that the Faculty Senate will begin its regular meetings. You will see our meeting schedule for AY12-13 below. However our Senate committees have not all been on vacation. We can inform you of the following important outcomes from this summer:

The Faculty Committee on Honors (Joyce McLaughlin [chair], Bill Francis, Russ Leslie, Langdon Winner, and Steven Cramer), made the following selections:

Rensselaer Early Career Award: Pete Tessier, CHEME
Jerome Fishbach Faculty Travel Grant: John Tichy, MANE
Outstanding Teaching Fellowship: Thomas Sharkey, ISE
William H. Wiley Distinguished Faculty Award: Nadarajah Narendran, School of Architecture

In addition, some of our other committees, whose charges were sent to you in our May communication, have met and will have further reports at the September Senate meeting. They are

  • Ad Hoc Committee on Faculty Development and Retention
  • Ad Hoc Committee on Review of Graduate Programs
  • Planning and Resources Committee

We also expect to convene an Ad Hoc Committee on Review of Undergraduate Curricula and Teaching Methods this fall.

Meanwhile, President Jackson has appointed a Rensselaer Plan Reassessment Leadership Committee (ReaLCom 2.0), including two members of the Senate leadership (myself, as President of the Senate, and Les Gerhardt, as Chair of the Faculty) and several other faculty members, to organize and lead campus-based and, as appropriate, web-based discussions. We hope the entire Rensselaer community will contribute to this effort.

Another development of importance to undergraduate students and faculty is that the Academic Standing Committee was expanded to include three faculty members. A description of the function of this committee is attached.

On behalf of the entire Faculty Senate, I would like to wish you a productive year ahead.

Isom Herron
Faculty Senate President