Letter to the President from Faculty Senate (May 2016)




John Tichy, President


Alhussein Abouzeid, Vice President | Antoinette Maniatty, Chair of Faculty | Chris Bystroff, Past Chair of Faculty
Jeff Durgee, Recording Sec’y | Amir Hirsa, Sec’y | Atsushi Akera, Sec’y of Faculty | Lois Peters, Past Sec’y Faculty


To:            Dr. Shirley Ann Jackson, President

                  Professor of Physics, Applied Physics, and Astronomy

                  Professor of Engineering Sciences

From:        The Faculty Senate

Subj:          Acknowledgment of your Actions as Outlined in Message Dated April 26, 2016

Date:         May 13, 2016

The Rensselaer Faculty Senate appreciates your efforts to increase interactions and improve communication with the students and with the larger campus community.  Thank you for listening and responding to the concerns expressed by our students, alumni/alumnae, and the Faculty Senate. 

As you wrote, “Rensselaer is a special place.” This is abundantly evident in the enthusiasm and support the students and alumni/alumnae show towards Rensselaer and its traditions. We have remarkable students who bring diverse perspectives and new ideas to discussions, and moreover, they want to be engaged and to work together for the greater good of Rensselaer. The steps you and your administration are taking to reach out to the students and involve them in the decision making process will make Rensselaer a better place for everyone.

Likewise, the Faculty has a strong and enduring commitment to the welfare of Rensselaer. We appreciate that you “value the contributions of all who live, work, and learn here,” and that you “want to hear from all the members of our community, to ensure that any decisions we make reflect their interests, and the greater good of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.”  We are all aware of the numerous pressures being placed on institutions of higher education, and we understand that it is vitally important to develop timely, unified strategies to respond to these. We look forward to working with you, your administration, and the student body, in setting priorities and defining and implementing initiatives to ensure Rensselaer increases its prominence as a leading technological university.