About the Rensselaer Faculty Senate

Rensselaer’s Faculty Senate was reconstituted in March of 2012 following a period temporary suspension. The new Senate will strive to represent and convey the views of the faculty, and to administer aspects of our institution’s academic operations that have been delegated to the Senate. We are a 19 member body comprised of 14 members of the tenure (tenured and tenure track) faculty, 4 members of the non-tenure faculty, and our Provost (ex officio). Our statement of purpose, as established by our Constitution, reads as follows:


“The Faculty Senate (Senate) shall represent the views of the faculty on issues affecting the common purposes of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.  The faculty’s role in the creation, understanding, and dissemination of knowledge is held in the highest esteem and will not be abridged.  The Senate shall implement the faculty’s participation in key aspects of academic governance by recruiting and nominating faculty; administering elections including elections to the Promotion and Tenure, Curriculum, and Planning and Resource committees, any standing and ad hoc committees, and other subsidiary bodies of the Senate as required; providing a forum for policy deliberations on matters of importance to the faculty; and advising the Provost as to faculty views in all matters relating to the principal missions of the Institute.  Resolutions passed by the Senate shall help guide Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in scholarly activities and instruction, and important issues affecting the faculty in general will be presented to the faculty with recommendations for consideration and action.”

- From the Board Approved Senate Constitution (3 December 2011)

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You can find other information about the Senate, including our Constitution and current list of Members, throughout this site. To contact us, see this page.